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A Different Ride

In the Spring of 06 I started riding mountain bike trails.  I have been working on my riding skills on my Lake Manawa singletracks.  A different ride,  Ridiing the singletracks are helping me to be a better all around rider.  You sure have to pay attention when riding through the woods.  Not the "pleasure" ride on paved trails.  But after my first ride on a singletrack, my response was AWESOME!

Riding singletrack is physically and mentally demanding. There are the hills, a winding trail, logs, roots, rocks, all matter of obstacles.  After a good ride, my mine and body are really tired.




My Mission

This summer, Dirt Rag Magazine, Diamondback and other sponsors held a contest called "My Mission".  The goal is to submit an essay with 1 or 2 photos of why I ride and where I ride.  My submission did not win the contest.  Here's my essay:

My Mission


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