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Here's a look at my stable of bikes.

After buying the new trail bike, I thought my stable was full. OH NO!  You know the limit of bikes a person can own is one more than the number they currently own.  With all of the pavement miles I rode last year, I started looking getting a road bike.  And, with the months of cancer treatments, I figured I was due a reward.  When I get home from the 2010 Black Hills Fat Tire Festival and CAMBA Festival of the Trails, there is a new white Gary Fisher Rail Super T road bike waiting for me!


Gary Fisher Rail Super T

Here's my road bike. When I went to look at bikes, Xtreme Wheels had a Gary Fisher in my size.  There was one thing I was sure I wanted on a road bike was 3 chain rings - for the lower granny gear.  I also asked with the riding I do, what other component(s) should be upgraded.  He recommended upgraded shifters. The result is my Rail Super (upgraded shifters) T (3 chain ring).  It took some time getting used to the handlebars and shifters.  .  


I had been looking at a new trail bike.  During 2007 I spent a lot more time on singletrack.  that fall I rode the Trek 69er.  It was a good ride, but at the demo they did not have a large frame full suspension.  As I was deciding about a new bike, word was that there were no 69ers available.  The bottom was - Trek Fuel EX7, a Specialized trail bike, or keep riding my Trek 4300.

Now purchase of this bike was not an easy decision.  Lots of money to spend on a bike.  But what price for comfort, performance, and enjoyment of the ride? While a full suspension bike is not needed for our area, it is sure great when I travel.  It is the bike for rough trails (rocks, roots. etc).


Trek Fuel EX7

This is my new Trail bike.   Yes, I bit the bullet and bought a full suspension bike. The bike is a dream to ride. I noticed that on sharp turns I have a tendency to over steer - nothing I can't overcome. The bike digs in climbing hills, delivers softer ride over roots, - a great ride.  The Fuel EX7 really is a "trail" bike. It belongs in the dirt. I feel that it rides better on singletrack than on pavement.


Trek 4300

This in my mountain bike.  I wanted a bike to ride the gravel roads, ride on my trip to my Army reunion, and additional areas for riding.  The first day out, I really enjoyed the ride.  I found the mountain bike trails by Lake Manawa.  Its a whole different ride.  My reaction - Awesome!  The wheel size and gearing lets me get moving - good acceleration.  This has become my "go to" bike.  It is the one I ride on the Wabash Trace and other crushed limestone trails.  It is my trail work bike and snow/ice bike (it gets the studded tires in the winter)..


Trek 7200 FX


The 7200FX is a hybrid bicycle.  The wheels are larger (~29inch) and the tires are narrower,  The handlebars are straight (like the Navigator). The bike is much lighter and the rolling resistant is lower. The last major change is the larger wheels and different gearing - it's a faster bike. This bike is best when I'm riding the paved trails.  In 2009, the tires needed replacement - they were replaced with 28 mm tires.  It has not beed ridden as much recently since the new road bike was purchased in June 2010.  With the rack, this bike is one of 2 used to carry cameras when on a photo shoot.


Torker Unicycle


My new (May 07) steed is a Torker Unistar LX unicycle.  Now, I have problems riding on two wheels, so have not trying to ride the unicycle.  The new wheel was won in the BeerMuda Triangle raffle.  It is looking for a good home.


Trek Navigator 200


This was my first bike since I was a kid.  After 400 miles, I needed a faster bike.  The Navigator found a new home.


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